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Action games are games which require you to react constantly things which you come up against. Fast paced and fun to play. Free online samples below:
In adventure games you need to wonder around the world, find items and do stuff with the items you find. Free online samples below:
In driving games you drive some sort of vehicle in a track or anywhere for that matter. Free online samples below:
In fighting games you fight against something. Mostly bad people which you want to destroy. Free online samples below:
In shooting games you shoot something at a shooting gallery or practically any place. The only thing in common with this games is the fact that you wield a weapon. Free online samples below:
Yeah, you guessed it. These are games which evolve around sports. They could involve any type of sports like, boxing, climbing, tennis or anything. Free online samples below:
In strategy games, you need to have a bit of strategic thinking make things work. In these games you may build or destroy but you need to think your way through the missions. Free online samples below:
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This site is all about free flash and html5 online fun. Our aim is to provide you with a surfer friendly website, with a lot of free gaming experiences. We love free online entertainment and we hope to provide you the best hand picked amusements. We feature all types of games like action, arcade, adventure, strategy + many more. Our main focus is on casual games, which you can start playing in two minutes. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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