Dirt Bike 2 Game Online

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Dirt bike 2 is a really challenging dirt bike game, where you ride through different levels and try get to the finish without crashing. If you want a good challenge, try this game out.


The game itself is simple, just ride your bike and don't tip over. However, there are so many different obstacles you come up against that you may find the game quite challenging. You shift the drivers weight from front to back to have have your bike stay vertical. Also you may speed up and slow down to avoid tipping over.

Graphics and Sound:

Music and sounds are pretty crappy, graphics are nothing to marvel over. The point of this game is the playability, which is good.


Use the arrow keys to control movement of the dirt bike.

  • Up: Speed up
  • Down: Slow down
  • Left: Shift weight to back
  • Right: Shift weight to front.

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